Lake Longhorn is Brand New in 2021!

It’s 2021, so as always “New Year, New Us.” We have many improvements and opportunities to offer in this upcoming year and we are excited to share them with all of our wonderful patrons. COVID-19 has obviously done damage to everyone in 2020, but we are ready as ever to not only fight the curve, but also the no-fun attitude that has plagued this past year.


What’s New!


Along with all the fun things that have always been happening at the lake, there is always something new. As we know, COVID has limited group activities with regards to social distancing requirements. We do not have that problem with our 20-acres of open area to relax, catch sun and swim. Therefore, we are offering a discounted yearly pass in order to encourage families to not only get outdoors, but to responsibly distance themselves from others. Also, we are working to implement open air yoga and workout classes. Partnering with local trainers and gyms, we can utilize our space not available at other facilities to social distance. This allows them to conduct classes and you get fit!


 Open Water Triathlon Training 


Come out any day of the week to practice your abilities in an open water environment. We have access to 200 yards,800 yards, and 1.2 miles of open water swimming channels.We have incorporated a long distance swim map, as well as easy entry points to the water for your convenience. Get your triathlon training now, through our partners we offer an 8 week triathlon training plan as well as a 12 week triathlon training plan. Lake Longhorn provides a beautiful environment for beginner triathlon training as well as  more vigorous terrain that will challenge the more dedicated athletes in search of triathlon strength training.


Family Fun


Here at lake longhorn we welcome family fun with open arms! Enjoy a nice relaxing day at the lake with the people you care most about in a safe and fun atmosphere. You can partake in a number for fun family activities at the lake such as a nice refreshing Swimming, Kayaking and Paddle boarding, hiking  in the fresh air and so much more!

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